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Done4us Reveals Top Strategies for Influencers to Build their Business with the Release of its Creator Economy Guide

To better understand the unique needs of the entrepreneurs, Done4us gatheres insights from top influencers who have built successful businesses leveraging their experience as online creators. A number of key themes emerged from the survey, ranging from the value of listening to community insights to the importance of experimenting with content and developing multiple revenue streams.

Freelance talent has served as a key resource for many creators looking to evolve their content and expand their reach. Creators have played a role on both sides of the Done4us marketplace, using it both as a source for external talent, such as video editors and designers, and as a medium to further monetize their social media presence. A number of services on Done4us relevant to content creators, such as social media marketing and thumbnail design, saw a spike in demand in the last year, while searches for “TikTok video editing” increased by 74% in the span of 6 months. As the creator economy evolves, many influencers have been able to expand their scope of opportunities, leveraging their online presence to move beyond brand partnerships and sponsored content to start their own businesses.

Done4us’s mission is to revolutionize how the world works together. We exist to democratize access to talent and to provide talent with access to opportunities so anyone can grow their business, brand, or dreams. From small businesses to Fortune, over 4 million customers worldwide worked with freelance talent globally in the past year, ensuring their workforces remain flexible, adaptive, and agile. With Done4us, companies can easily scale their teams from a talent pool of skilled professionals from over 160 countries across all categories, ranging from programming to 3D design, digital marketing to content creation, from video animation to architecture. Don’t get left behind - come be a part of the future of work by visiting, check the gigs and services available, and follow us on social media.