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Done4us is a global online marketplace for freelancing services.Done4us’s innovative platform connects freelancers (sellers) to people or businesses (buyers) that are looking to hire. Gigs or Listings on Done4us platform are diverse and range from "get a well-designed Logo" to "help with Python, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery". The highest-paying jobs on Done4us include web-design, GPT Ai, social media managing, proofreading and copywriting, and cv writing. Done4us takes its name from the all-in-one services done for everyone with asking price attached to all gigs or services when the company was founded in 2023 in Dubai.

Freelancers work from a variety of workplaces, ranging from home or cafe to office. The Done4us platform is global, with freelancers and businesses spanning an estimated 160 countries. Done4us went public in 2023. Today it is heading to become a multi-billion-dollar global marketplace

You can work as much as you want with Done4us. Many sellers work full time and some keep their 9-5 job while using Done4us to make an additional income. It's free to join Done4us. There is no fees and no subscription required to list your services / gigs or projects.

It's relatively easy to start with Done4us, and especially if your prices are affordable, buyers may find you. You don't need experience. You don't need past clients. Done4us can be a decent way to get your first client before using your network or a job board.